Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Fossil Record: The Greatest Proof for Evolution?

The fossil record has long been considered to be "the greatest proof for evolution", because it supposedly shows evolution happening the way that we see it on the evolutionary geologic time chart. We see smaller, simpler creatures in the lower rock layers and larger, more "evolved" creatures in the upper rock layers, which is what you would expect to find if evolution were true. However, there is another explanation for the fossil record which does not require evolution or millions of years. For this explanation, we will go to the Bible for answers. 
Marine fossils found on Mt. Everest
In Genesis Chapters 6-8, we read about the Great Flood of Noah's day. Such a sudden and widespread judgement would have lifted tons of mud and sand sediment, along with all kinds of land and marine creatures, and would have buried them together; all over the earth. What do we find in the fossil record? We find billions of dead land and marine creatures, jumbled up and buried in sand and mud sediment; all over the earth. Fossils of marine creatures are always found on land (fossils cannot form in water) and often in places far from oceans and seas. This can only be possible if the catastrophe that buried the fossils was widespread. Also, the fossilization process requires rapid burial, or else the specimen will be destroyed or poorly preserved. The evolutionary theory requires millions of years, however, this would add time in which the specimen could deteriorate or be eaten by scavengers. Most fossils are very well preserved, and the fossil record is full of fossils showing evidence of rapid burial. 
An icthyosaur mother buried while giving birth

Velociraptor and Protoceratops
buried in the act of fighting
This poor guy didn't
even get to finish his lunch! 

The Great Flood of Noah's day can account for all of the features we find in fossils, but why is it that we find all the fossils in the exact order of the geologic time chart? The simple answer is that we don't. There is not a single place on earth in which we can find all the layers of strata shown on the geologic time chart, and in the order shown on the chart. Even the Grand Canyon has 150 million years of the fossil record missing from its rock layers! The reason we find certain creatures always buried together is because they lived together in the same ecosystem. This can also explain the reason why we don't find dinosaur fossils buried alongside human fossils; because dinosaurs and humans lived in drastically different environments. However, in some cases, such as Dinosaur National Monument and other fossil graveyards, we find lots of different ecosystems jumbled up together, which is a puzzle for evolutionists, but works perfectly with the creationist's Flood model.
Dinosaur National Monument
"Malachite Man" human fossils found in
Late Cretaceous rock layers, near Dinosaur Nat'l Park.
For the full article on this bell "fossil"
found in coal, click here.
Petrified wood found stretching upright through multiple layers of rock strata.  For more information, click here.
Has there ever been a fossil found in the wrong rock layer? Yes. Not only have we found fossils in the wrong place, but we have found fossils stretching through multiple layers of rock strata! The only explanation for this is a huge water catastrophe!

So know you know that the fossil record is a much better friend to the creationist worldview than to the evolutionary worldview.

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