Thursday, October 11, 2012

October Foundations Creation Club Meeting: Science Confirms the Bible

Do you have questions about science and the Bible? Have you ever wondered whether or not the Genesis account of creation can be trusted in light of modern science? Have you ever questioned whether or not science really supports the theory of evolution, as taught in the textbooks? Do you have answers to your questions?

Come and get answers to your questions at the October Foundations Creation Club meeting at Church of the Foothills! We will be showing a video seminar for teens called "Science Confirms the Bible" by Ken Ham, author, speaker, and President/CEO of Answers in Genesis and the world-famous Creation Museum. The video discusses how true, observable science supports what the Bible says about the origins of the universe. This video is sure to build your faith in the Bible and help you to be a better witness to others! 

Date and Location: Friday, October 26th at 6:45 PM at Church of the Foothills in Cameron Park, CA. (For directions, click here.) We meet in Room 201-208 on the second floor, which is handicap accessible by elevator.

Information is geared for: Teens, Preteens (10 and up), and Adults.
We will have a Q&A session after the video with 15 year-old Foundations Creation Club founder and dinosaur expert, Caleb LePore. This is also a great opportunity to invite your friends from school or work to hear about the truth of the Bible.