Thursday, September 20, 2012

September Foundations Creation Club Meeting

Have you ever dreamed of going on a dinosaur dig adventure? Do you want to know how to dig for dinosaur bones and where to find them? Did dinosaurs live with people at one time? Have you ever wonodered if the evolutionary model of earth's history can account for the fossil record? Have you ever wondered how dinosaurs and fossils "fit" with the Bible? Do you have answers to your questions on dinosaurs and the fossil record? 

Well, in August 2012, Caleb LePore and his mom Kimberly LePore (founders of Foundations Creation Club) had the opportunity of a lifetime to go on a dinosaur dig adventure in the deserts of Colorado, and we want to share our it with you! For September's Foundations Creation Club event, Caleb and Kimberly will be giving a presentation on what we found on our expedition, how to be a dinosaur paleontologist (people who study fossils), and what we learned along the way. We will answer some of the most common questions about dinosaur fossils, such as: Where can we find them? How can I tell the difference between bone and rock? How did they form? How old are they? and many others which will make you dinosaur-experts! There will be a slideshow with pictures from our trip, a display with our fossils collected on the journey, and a book table with resources on dinosaurs, fossils, and creation vs. evolution available for purchase. If you want to know about dinosaurs (or if you have dinosaur-loving children), then come and join us for "Caleb LePore's" Amazing Colorado Fossil Adventure"! Be sure to bring your friends, family, and little paleontologists along!

Date and Time: Friday, September 21 at 6:45 PM - 8:30 PM. There will be a question and answer time after the presentation. 

Location: Foundations Creation Club has relocated to Church of the Foothills in Cameron Park. For directions, click here. We will be in Rooms 207-208 (on the second floor). Wheelchair-accessible by elevator.

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See you there!