Thursday, April 18, 2013

Book Review: Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History and Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man

Title: Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History and Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man
Author: Dave Woetzel
Illustrator: Richard Dobbs
Pages: 84
Publisher: Master Books, New Leaf Publishing Group

Rating: 5 Star 
Difficulty: Easy to read and understand
Age Recommendation: Children, Teens, and Adults 

Let's face it. Everybody loves dinosaurs. Something about us is just attached to these incredible beasts from childhood, and it never leaves us. However, there is something else about dinosaurs which seems to stick with us. Several recent polls have indicated that, even though taught opposite, a majority of the world's population still believes that dinosaurs and people have coexisted. Why is this? Is it a failure on the evolutionists part to indoctrinate people about their worldview. Certainly not. Is it a "genetic thing" as the late Carl Sagan would like to us believe? No scientific evidence supports that memory gets past on biologically. So what is it? 

In the new, beautifully-illustrated book, Chronicles of Dinosauria, adventurer "Dino Dave" Woetzel and artist Richard Dobbs present a powerful case which suggests that the reason lies in the fact that humans and dinosaurs DID coexist, contrary to the evolutionary timeline. By examining the biblical timeline of history as well as evidence from fossils, historical records and descriptions, ancient artwork, cryptozoology (study of hidden animals), and biblical accounts, readers will see that the Bible can be trusted in its history and that the notion of dinosaurs and man coexisting is not just a Hollywood fantasy, but an established fact of reliable history. New research is also presented which revive the long-abandoned evidences of the Paluxy River Tracks and the Ica Stones, and establish the evidence of human artifacts in dinosaur (and "pre-dinosaur") rock layers. Complete with breathtaking artwork from illustrator Richard Dobbs, and a fun and unique "scrapbook" design, Chronicles of Dinosauria is simply a must have for any fan of dinosaurs or anyone interested in learning the true history of these "chiefs in the ways of God."

Will I promote and recommend this book: Absolutely!      

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