Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Book Review: Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions - Volume 1

Rating: Five out of five

Difficulty: Layman

Recommended Ages: Teens & adults

"The Bible is full of contradictions!" says the skeptic. You reply in protest, "Show me one!" To your shock, the skeptic flips to a series of passages in the Old and New Testaments, which, to your horror, appear to contradict one another! What do you do now? Do you give up, try to explain it away, or do you give an answer as we are commanded to do in 1 Peter 3:15?

General editor Ken Ham (president/CEO of Answers in Genesis and Creation Museum) leads a team of apologists (defenders of the faith) to refute 40 of the most common alleged contradictions in Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions - Volume 1. Each chapter covers a separate contradiction, from the two creation accounts in Genesis, to the slaughter of the Canaanites in Joshua, to Jesus' statement of the Father being greater in the Gospels, to the "firstborn Creator" in Colossians. Each of these chapters helps build confidence in the the truth and inspiration of Scripture (2 Timothy 3:16), and shows that the Bible "is an anvil which has worn out many hammers." 

Some of the things I personally enjoyed about this book: 

- With each chapter being only a page to two pages long, it is an easy book to pick up and read on the go or when you are in a discussion or debate with someone on Bible contradictions. 
- Because the authors stand on the authority of Scripture, all of the research they do comes directly from the pages of Scripture, rather than dismissing each of these "contradictions" as errors.
- As stated throughout, this book helps Christians to better understand the issue at hand and how to refute Bible contradiction arguments from skeptics, by simply defining "contradiction" and reading the passage within context. 
- My faith in the Bible was strengthened, as passages which once bothered me due to their "contradictory nature" now fit into their place.

Would I recommend Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions - Volume 1? I wouldn't only recommend it, but I would say that it is a must have for any Christian's library. Now I have to get my hands on the sequel! 

Thank you New Leaf Publishing Group for sending me a review copy! 

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